Mark Milroy, Pinafore III (2020)

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Mark Milroy, Pinafore III (2020)

$ 20000 - 30000 USD

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Pinafore III
Oil on canvas
72 x 66 inches

Painter, MARK MILROY blurs the lines between truth and fiction, and between immediate experience and distant memory. This balancing act shows itself in the artist’s style, a fusion of naturalism and abstraction. Some elements of his paintings are rendered in crisp detail with subtle mark-making, while others use broad swathes of color to capture the essence of a subject or scene, like a memory that has lost specificity with time. (from Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York)

"My goal is to convey some of the very honest moments of humor, oddness, frustration, joy, wonder, and pain that I have felt."
Mark Milroy