MAN-TLE Black R0D3 Stone Wax Down Jacket

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MAN-TLE Black R0D3 Stone Wax Down Jacket

$ 1000 - 1500 USD

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The R0D3 jacket from Australian/Japanese brand MAN-TLE is an oversized technical blouson style with dropped shoulders and a generous shape.

This down series from MAN-TLE features ethically farmed Hungarian silver goose down. Cleaned and processed in Japan by Kawada feather, this down retains its original mottled colour, as no bleaching is required. 90% down mixed with 10% feather, this product has a fill-power rating of 850. To show the down's unique colour this garment is lined with a transparent 100% nylon micro-ripstop developed by Toray. The outside of this garment is made from our original 100% cotton chambray. This cloth has then been coated in paraffin wax, resulting in a stiff and windproof barrier that has its own shape-retaining memory, and will soften with washing and wear. Also features high-density 100% cotton chambray with paraffin wax coating woven especially for MAN-TLE, army buttons, and car seatbelt webbing.

Made in Japan.