Kumikaho Oshima, L0501 (2008)

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Kumikaho Oshima, L0501 (2008)

$ 5000 - 7500 USD

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Kumikaho Oshima, L0501, 2008

Painting. Oil on Canvas.

Height: 59.06 in. (150 cm), Width: 54.34 in. (138 cm), Depth: 1.19 in. (3 cm).

Oshima belongs to a new generation of female Japanese artists who are brave and ambitious in their desire to reach an international audience. She is part of Studio Crazy Noodles, a Tokyo-based art collective that specialises in Japanese neo-pop and erotic representation of female characters engaged in subversive activities. The value of Oshima’s work lies in her desire to depict the issues of consumerism and the toll it takes on women in contemporary Japan.