Edvin Helseth 1960s Trybo Series Chair

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Edvin Helseth 1960s Trybo Series Chair

$ 1500 - 2000 USD

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Trybo series armchair in pine by Norwegian designer EDVIN HELSETH c.1960s.

Nordic mid-century designer Helseth was born in 1925 and opened his own practice in 1949. His Module 5-15, System BBB and other designs became extrememly popular in Europe from the 1950s onwards. In 1966 he designed the Trybo arm chair for Stange Bruk and later the Fureka series during the 1970s. He sepcialised in modular, thoughtfully engineered pieces utilising natural materials.

Dimensions: 23" wide x 23" deep x 25" tall. Seat height 14". Arm height 22".