Cottle CTL Standard Laos Indigo Jacket

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Cottle CTL Standard Laos Indigo Jacket

$ 750 - 1000 USD

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C.T.L. Standard Jacket from Okayama-based label COTTLE in organic Laos cotton and indigo.

Features 100% organic materials dyed with indigo and Somemo Noimo in Laos, and uses triple chain stitching throughout. Lined with the same outer fabric, six Kintsugi buttons made from black-lipped oyster pearl, and a cut-off waist with two reversed frayed-edge patch pockets.

Cottle use handmade (spun, woven, dyed) cotton cloth from Nanyang, Northern Laos. From start to finish it usually takes around 6 months to complete a batch of fabric. The result is an expression of living cotton and colors that are reminiscent of the earth they came from. Because of the nature of this process there are inconsistencies in the color and weave - these are not imperfections but beautiful subtle attributes.

Made in Japan