Arpa Studios Arco Spettro Eau de Parfum

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Arpa Studios Arco Spettro Eau de Parfum

$ 250 - 500 USD

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An unusual and complex eau de parfum from Parisian perfume laboratory ARPA STUDIOS based on aromatic mineral scents.

Features top notes of juniper and opoponax. Heart notes of musk and frankincense. Base notes of guaiacwood and vetiver. Hand-blown refillable glass vessel and funnel in pink, green and yellow included. Scented glycerine soap case.

50ml. Made in France.

From Arpa:-

"Arpa, the Institute of Synesthesia, is a research project exploring the sensory basis of consciousness and sense- blending potential, such as the flavor of light. At Arpa, fragrance transcends ordinary observation, offering an experimental and ritual pathway into synesthesia, phytohormonal sentience, and wider perceptual awareness."